Binh Dinh Attractions: Explore the Best Sights and Activities

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Binh Dinh, a coastal province in central Vietnam, is known for its stunning beaches, historical landmarks, and vibrant cultural heritage. Often overshadowed by its more famous neighbours, Binh Dinh offers a unique and less crowded destination for travelers seeking natural beauty and rich history. This guide highlights the top attractions in Binh Dinh, ensuring you experience the best of what this beautiful province has to offer.

Natural Attractions

Ky Co Beach

Ky Co Beach, located about 25 km from Quy Nhon City, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. Known for its crystal-clear waters, white sandy beaches, and dramatic rock formations, Ky Co is a perfect spot for swimming, snorkeling, and relaxing. Visitors can take a boat trip from Nhon Ly fishing village to reach the beach and enjoy a day of sun and sea.

Eo Gio

Eo Gio, meaning “Wind Strait,” is a picturesque coastal area known for its stunning landscapes and strong winds. Located in Nhon Ly commune, Eo Gio offers breathtaking views of the rocky coastline and the vast ocean. Visitors can hike along the cliffs, take in the panoramic views, and enjoy the refreshing sea breeze. It’s an ideal spot for photography and nature lovers.

Cu Lao Xanh Island

Cu Lao Xanh Island, also known as Green Island, is a small, idyllic island located about 24 km from Quy Nhon. The island is famous for its pristine beaches, clear waters, and vibrant coral reefs. Visitors can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and exploring the island’s lush landscapes. The island is also home to a picturesque lighthouse that offers stunning views of the surrounding sea.

Bình Định Attractions

Historical and Cultural Sites

Banh It Towers

The Banh It Towers, also known as Silver Towers, are a group of ancient Cham towers located in Phuoc Hiep Commune, Tuy Phuoc District. Built between the 11th and 12th centuries, these towers are a fine example of Cham architecture. Visitors can explore the towers, admire the intricate carvings, and learn about the Cham civilization that once thrived in the region.

Thap Doi Towers

Thap Doi Towers, or Twin Towers, are another significant Cham site located in Quy Nhon City. These twin towers, built in the 12th century, stand out for their unique architectural style and beautiful decorations. Surrounded by lush gardens, the towers offer a peaceful and historical escape in the heart of the city.

Quang Trung Museum

The Quang Trung Museum, located in Tay Son District, is dedicated to the life and achievements of Emperor Quang Trung, one of Vietnam’s greatest national heroes. The museum features various exhibits, including historical artifacts, documents, and statues. Visitors can learn about Quang Trung’s contributions to Vietnam’s history and the famous Tay Son uprising.

Unique Experiences

Ham Ho Tourist Area

Ham Ho Tourist Area, located about 50 km from Quy Nhon, is a beautiful natural site known for its clear streams, lush forests, and rocky landscapes. Visitors can enjoy boat rides along the river, explore the stunning scenery, and relax in the peaceful environment. The area is also great for hiking, picnicking, and fishing.

Ghenh Rang Tien Sa

Ghenh Rang Tien Sa, located just outside Quy Nhon City, is a picturesque coastal area known for its rocky outcrops and stunning views. The site includes Queen’s Beach, a pebbly beach once favored by Queen Nam Phuong, and the grave of the famous poet Han Mac Tu. Visitors can explore the beautiful landscapes, enjoy the sea breeze, and learn about the poet’s life and works.

Hon Kho Island

Hon Kho Island, located off the coast of Nhon Hai Commune, is a small, charming island known for its pristine beaches and clear waters. Visitors can take boat trips to the island, enjoy swimming and snorkeling, and relax on the sandy shores. The island is also a great spot for seafood lovers, with fresh catches available at local restaurants.

Modern Attractions

Quy Nhon City

Quy Nhon City, the capital of Binh Dinh Province, is a vibrant and rapidly developing city. The city offers a mix of modern amenities and historical sites. Visitors can explore the lively markets, dine at local restaurants, and enjoy the city’s bustling nightlife. The city also features beautiful beaches and parks, making it a great base for exploring the region.

FLC Zoo Safari Park Quy Nhon

FLC Zoo Safari Park Quy Nhon is a modern wildlife park located in the FLC Luxury Resort Quy Nhon. The park is home to various exotic animals, including tigers, lions, and elephants. Visitors can take guided tours, enjoy animal shows, and learn about wildlife conservation. The park offers a fun and educational experience for families and animal lovers.

Binh Dinh Museum

Binh Dinh Museum provides a comprehensive overview of the province’s history, culture, and natural heritage. The museum features various exhibits, including ancient artifacts, traditional costumes, and historical documents. Interactive displays and detailed explanations make it an educational and engaging experience for visitors of all ages.


Binh Dinh is a province that captivates visitors with its natural beauty, historical significance, and vibrant culture. Whether you’re exploring ancient Cham towers, relaxing on pristine beaches, or experiencing the local lifestyle in Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh promises an unforgettable journey. Plan your visit today and discover the hidden treasures of this remarkable region. Share your experiences or ask questions in the comments section below!

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