Haivenu is not an ordinary Vietnam tour operator!

We offer tourism with attitude! We’re not in business just to make money – we’re aiming to raise the quality of Vietnam tourism, conserve the county’s culture and environment, and help poor communities to have a better standard of living.

We give it to you straight – no over-selling, no misleading information, and no small print. If we think a destination isn’t worth visiting, we say so.

We design all our Vietnam custom tours, holidays and excursions on a ‘one-off’ basis to meet the specific requirements of each customer. To do this, we offer a comprehensive free consultancy service, providing travel information, suggestions and advice to help you to choose exactly what you want for your tour itinerary.

Arranging a tour
Tour designing and operating is a creative process. It’s also very complicated, especially in a developing country such as Vietnam where facilities and infrastructure are limited. The other pages in this section describe the process in detail

The staff
Our members of staff must have good university degrees, be proficient in English, and have relevant experience to be appointed, but before taking on full responsibility for a customer’s holiday, they must reach a high professional standard. This involves an intensive ‘in-house’ training programme taking at least a year.

We train our staff in all aspects of the tour designing and operating process. This means that one person will be responsible for your tour or vacation from beginning to end. Unforeseeable circumstances apart, he or she will always be on-call and thoroughly conversant with all aspects of your Vietnam vacation. In case of illness or any other unexpected absence, we always have a back-up ready to stand in or take over if necessary.

The components
Every element in our tours has to fit together seamlessly. Dates, times, places, vehicles, tickets – a complex jigsaw of pieces must be assembled to create a unique whole. Furthermore, many elements are dynamic – bad weather, flight cancellations, or a desired change to the itinerary, for example – so contingencies must be built in everywhere.

Hotels in Vietnam vary wildly in quality and price, so we make personal inspections to make sure we choose the best.

All this goes on in the background. Like all highly skilled experts, our staff members make it look easy. All the vehicles arrive on time. Your guides know your itinerary and what you want. Everything runs smoothly. No fuss, no bother and no worries – just what a custom Vietnam tour should be.

The result
An affordable vacation tailored to your exact specification that fits the time you have available with a standard of service from the days when the customer really mattered.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Just once in a while, you come across the genuine article – this is one of them!