Dong Thap Attractions: Discover the Best Sights and Activities

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Dong Thap, a province located in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam, is renowned for its lush landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and vibrant ecosystem. Known as the “land of pink lotus,” Dong Thap offers a unique blend of natural beauty, historical significance, and cultural experiences. This guide highlights the top attractions in Dong Thap, ensuring you make the most of your visit to this enchanting province.

Natural Attractions

Tram Chim National Park

Tram Chim National Park is a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts and bird watchers. Covering an area of over 7,500 hectares, the park is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, including the endangered Sarus Crane. Visitors can explore the park through guided boat tours, bird watching, and hiking trails. The park’s wetlands, grasslands, and lotus fields provide a stunning natural backdrop and a serene environment.

Gao Giong Eco-Tourism Area

Gao Giong Eco-Tourism Area is another haven for nature lovers. The area features vast cajuput forests, lotus fields, and a rich variety of bird species. Visitors can enjoy boat rides through the canals, bird watching, and experiencing the tranquility of the natural surroundings. The observation tower offers panoramic views of the lush landscape, making it a perfect spot for photography.

Xeo Quyt Relic Site

Xeo Quyt Relic Site is a unique blend of natural beauty and historical significance. The site served as a revolutionary base during the Vietnam War and is now a popular eco-tourism destination. Visitors can explore the dense cajuput forests, navigate the narrow canals by boat, and visit the historical relics, including bunkers and meeting rooms. The site offers a glimpse into the wartime history and the resilient spirit of the Vietnamese people.

Sa Dec Flower Village

Sa Dec Flower Village is a picturesque attraction known for its vibrant flower gardens and nurseries. The village is a major supplier of flowers and ornamental plants in the Mekong Delta. Visitors can stroll through the colorful gardens, learn about flower cultivation, and purchase beautiful plants and flowers. The village is especially lively during the Tet (Vietnamese Lunar New Year) season when the gardens are in full bloom.

Historical and Cultural Sites

Kien An Cung Pagoda

Kien An Cung Pagoda, also known as Ong Quach Pagoda, is a beautiful and historic temple located in Sa Dec town. Built in the early 20th century by the local Chinese community, the pagoda is dedicated to the worship of Quach Trieu, a Chinese general. Visitors can admire the intricate architecture, colorful decorations, and peaceful ambiance of the temple. The pagoda is an important cultural and religious site for the local community.

Huynh Thuy Le Ancient House

Huynh Thuy Le Ancient House is a well-preserved historical house located in Sa Dec. The house was built in the early 20th century and is famous for its association with the French novelist Marguerite Duras. It was the residence of Huynh Thuy Le, Duras’ lover, and the inspiration for her novel “The Lover.” Visitors can explore the beautifully decorated interior, learn about the house’s history, and enjoy the blend of Vietnamese and French architectural styles.

Go Thap Archaeological Site

Go Thap Archaeological Site is a significant historical and cultural site in Dong Thap. The site contains ancient relics and artifacts dating back to the Funan Kingdom (1st-7th centuries). Visitors can explore the temple ruins, ancient towers, and stone statues. The site also includes a museum showcasing the artifacts and providing insights into the history and culture of the region.

Unique Experiences

Dong Thap Muoi Medicinal Herb Garden

Dong Thap Muoi Medicinal Herb Garden is a unique attraction that offers a blend of nature and traditional medicine. The garden cultivates a wide variety of medicinal herbs used in traditional Vietnamese medicine. Visitors can learn about the different herbs, their uses, and benefits. The garden also offers workshops and demonstrations on traditional medicine practices, making it an educational and therapeutic experience.

Traditional Handicraft Villages

Dong Thap is home to several traditional handicraft villages where visitors can experience the local craftsmanship and culture. Villages such as Lai Vung, known for its fermented pork rolls (nem), and My Tho, famous for its rice paper, offer visitors a chance to learn about traditional production methods, interact with local artisans, and purchase unique handmade products.

Tan Thuan Dong Floating Market

Tan Thuan Dong Floating Market is a vibrant and bustling market located on the Tien River. The market offers a lively atmosphere where visitors can experience the local way of life and trade. Vendors sell a variety of goods, including fresh produce, seafood, and local delicacies, from their boats. Visitors can take a boat tour to explore the market, try traditional foods, and enjoy the dynamic market scene.

Tan Thuan Dong Floating Market

Modern Attractions

Cao Lanh City

Cao Lanh City, the capital of Dong Thap province, is a bustling urban center with a mix of modern amenities and traditional charm. The city features various restaurants, cafes, and shops, providing a comfortable base for exploring the region. Visitors can explore local markets, dine at restaurants serving both local and international cuisine, and enjoy the city’s vibrant atmosphere.

Van Mieu Park

Van Mieu Park is a beautiful park located in the heart of Cao Lanh City. The park features lush gardens, walking paths, and recreational facilities. Visitors can enjoy leisurely strolls, relax in the green spaces, and participate in various outdoor activities. The park also hosts cultural events and festivals, making it a lively spot for both locals and tourists.

Dong Thap Night Market

Dong Thap Night Market is a popular spot for experiencing the local nightlife and cuisine. The market offers a variety of street food, fresh produce, and unique souvenirs. Visitors can try local dishes such as banh xeo (Vietnamese pancakes), grilled seafood, and traditional desserts. The lively atmosphere, bustling stalls, and friendly vendors make it a fun and memorable experience.


Dong Thap is a province that captivates visitors with its natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and vibrant ecosystem. Whether you’re exploring stunning national parks and flower gardens, delving into the history of ancient sites, or experiencing the local lifestyle through floating markets and handicraft villages, Dong Thap promises an unforgettable journey. Plan your visit today and discover the hidden treasures of this remarkable region. Share your experiences or ask questions in the comments section below!

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